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Social Services


        As a skilled nursing center, we have a Social Services staff to provide assistance with any problems, or concerns, a resident, or family member, may have.  We know there are lots of questions when placing a loved one for a short term, or long term stay.  This includes questions from the day of admission, through the stay and to the time a resident prepares to return home.  Discharge planning is available to help the resident and their family connect with the home health agency they want.  We can also arrange for the equipment providers. 


We invite you to come by for a visit to see for yourself why other families have chose the Clarence Care Center.

Housekeeping & Laundry


      We provide excellent housekeeping and laundry services for our residents.  Our goal is to provide a place for all our residents just like they would have at home. We go the extra mile to provide a clean and safe home for all.  We will take care of all your laundry and housekeeping needs and requests.  There are no additional charges for these services.



     Transportation is available to and from doctor’s appointments and hospitals.Transportation is provided at no cost for those residents on Medicare Part A, when the appointment is directly related to their admitting diagnosis.Residents whose payment source is Medicaid, will be provided with transportation through OATS or another comparable transportation service. (These services typically require a minimum 7-day advance reservation.)

For all other pay sources, there is a transportation fee for residents going to and from doctor's appointments and hospitals.

The Cafe


      A great dining experience starts with great food.  Delicious home cooked meals are prepared daily.  Our experienced food service staff take the time to get to know the food preferences for each resident and provide meals personalized to these preferences and any special dietary needs.


     We encourage resident participation in suggesting changes and additions to the menu.  Have a favorite recipe?  Share it with Bretta and her Cafe staff to determine if it can be re-created for all residents to enjoy.

Residents are encouraged to dine in our dining room where they can meet friends and make new ones.  Room trays are delivered upon request.


We welcome friends and family to dine with us.  If possible, please call ahead to let us know how many will be dining with us.  There is a $4 charge per meal for guests.



Our therapy staff is anxious to meet you, evaluate your needs, start you on your personalized rehabilitation program and make your stay here pleasant and productive. Our goal is to get you back to your prior level of function as quickly as possible.


We provide Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Out-Patient Therapy.  Your physician will decide which of these you should receive.  After your evaluation, your therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan in conjunction with your physician.


What is Occupational Therapy?  

develops skills for independent living, such as preparing meals, doing laundry, driving or completing work-related tasks.


What is Physical Therapy?

builds muscle strength, enhances range of motion, and improves mobility, balance and coordination.


What is Speech Therapy?

helps patients who have difficulty communicating due to speech, language, memory or cognition problems. It may also help patients who have difficulty eating or swallowing.


What is Out-Patient Therapy?

Outpatient therapy is a form of therapeutic treatment that is offered to people who do not need to be hospitalized. Our outpatient therapy is provided by Rehab Care therapists who specialize in individual care. Outpatient therapies include physical, occupational, and speech. Many patients like this type of treatment because it allows them to receive necessary therapy services while staying at home and avoiding the costs associated with staying in the hospital full time. It also allows the patient to live a relatively normal life, simply setting aside time to attend therapy sessions while working, spending time with family, and socializing with friends.




When caregivers need to travel or have other obligations, we welcome you to make Clarence Care Center your home for as long as you need our services. We'll take care of coordinating your medications, monitoring your nutrition as well as providing assistance with personal care.

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